Thursday, December 01, 2016

New Release - Once Upon a Moonlit Night

Once…in a Whitechapel Alley

Andrew and Isabelle, a genteel and privileged couple, are searching for someone to share in their carnal desires. And the lovely Lizzie fits the bill precisely. However, coxing the young prostitute into their bed isn’t so easy with Jack the Ripper stalking the Whitechapel streets.

Lizzie has been on the streets for some weeks and a night with in a warm house with a full belly is something she can’t pass up. What she doesn’t expect is the height of sexual ecstasy the couple will take her to, or the secret they hide from rest of Victorian London.

Once…in a Midnight Forest 

After catching her fiancé with another woman, Jaz runs blindly into the woods that surround her isolated cabin. But she is not alone. For in the midnight forest stalks a beast with a hunger to devour her. Can Jaz run from the big bad wolf or if he catches her, will she even want to?

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